Brilliance in Wordscapes Explained : What is it ? How It Works ?


What is Brilliance in Wordscapes ?

Many players ask what does brilliance mean in wordscapes? Simply, Brialliance points are the player’s score in the game. Just like all scores, players draw on it to see if they achieved the advanced rankings and compare their position with other players. You cannot spend your brilliance like coins, You just collect and gather them only.

Therefore, The higher brilliance score a player has, the more puzzles he/she solved. Equaly, The lower brilliance score a player has, The less puzzles he/she solved. Given that each Wordscapes puzzle has a predefined amount of points, the player’s brilliance score can  indicates the current puzzle level he/she playing on. In other words, player’s brilliance score shows the puzzle level a player has achieved. For instance, Brilliance score of 7 figures or more means that a player has certainly reached the Master’s level past level 6000.

So, what can the brilliance score tell you?

A relatively low score ( below 100000) implies that the player is off the pace and trailing behind in an inferior puzzle level. One of the reason of this low brilliance score is that the player is new in Wordscapes. Just like every entry-level game, he still learning the basics of the game. If you notice that the player’s score isn’t increasing significanty from week to week, it means that the player is not playing inconsistently and he is not hitting on Wordscpaes frequently. However, If the player’s brilliance is slightly above the average, this idicates that the players can be either an exceptional prospect player or sadly an experienced advanced player but he is starting again on a new device (That’s why you should Save your scores).

We need to mention also that the shining figure is used to rank players in leaderboards, the more brilliance you get, the better ranking you will have :

leaderboard in wordscapes

PS: If you don’t know how to access to the leaderboard, you can click on icon located at the bottom right of the homepage screen :
wordscapes leaderboard icon

How brilliance icon looks like ?

It is a shining sun which shows the score ( in this exemple 562 ) and under it the word “Brilliance”.

Brilliance in Wordscapes

Where brilliance icon is located ?

The score and icon of brilliance score is positionned at the upper middle of the home screen of wordscapes. It appears on the sun located between the name of the game and the icon of the actual level.

Brilliance score Location in wordscapes

If you want to find it when you are playing, just click on the arrow located in the top left of the screen. The brillliance score is located on the position mentionned above.

How Many Brilliance points are there to collect in the game ?

Regular levels are 6000 and you may accumulate at least 266734 brilliance points with solving them. In addition to the master levels and daily puzzles, you may reach much more depending on the number of days you were playing the game…

What is Wordscapes brilliance formula ?

We are going to show you here how Wordscapes brilliance points are calculated as it is not easy for the players to know the points they will recieve if they don’t have a clue on the following formula :

There is an actual formula to calculate the Brilliance for each Level. Since Brilliance points are based on the words found on the board only, they consist of a  fixed value for each Level in the game.

Brilliance Score = (Number of Words to find-2)x(Number of Letters in the tray-2)+2

This formula applies on every single board in wordscapes, even on the very first levels in the game. Bonus words are not influencing the score.

In every cheat level, we are providing the number of brilliance score you may obtain after solving the puzzle.

Thus said,

Do you know that you can tweak your Brilliance scores to obtain nice round numbers ?

Wordscapes how to get more brilliance ?

As We mentionned previously, brilliance points depends on two elements : the number of letters in the tray and the number of words to be found. So just play more levels to get more rewards.

Playing daily puzzle also give additional brilliance. Don’t forget to do it in a daily basis.

Importantly, the brilliance score of a puzzle is NOT influenced by the following factors: the number of bonus words found (i.e. those allowable words that are not found in the puzzle grid), the speed of solving the puzzle, the number of mistakes made solving the puzzle, or the number of hints used solving the puzzle. Therefore, suffice to say, each puzzle has a fixed brillance score determined solely by the main puzzle.

What Maximum brilliance Max can we get by level ?

It is based on the number of words in a puzzle and the number of letters. Max is 92 for 7 letters and 20 words.

Which levels reward more brilliance points ?

Based on the 6000 first levels ( before master levels ), we did some calculations and sorted the levels depending of the brilliance score. There is 233 levels with maxed brilliance score ( 92 ) and the nearest are : 508, 540, 564, 568, 584, 672, 676, 696, 708, 712.

How to cheat to get more brilliance score ?

When you are connecter to internet, there is no way to cheat, but when you put it off, recieving more brilliance points without solving new pouzzles become possible :

  1. Put internet off
  2. Click on the actual level and write a word
  3. Go Back to the previous level and swipe all the words
  4. You will recieve again the reward of this level

You will recieve brilliance points as much as you repeat the process.

Conclusion :

This is all for our guide on Wordscapes Brilliance points. We hope you collected all the information about what Brilliance points are, their significance and how to calculate them.

If you want to enhance your brilliance points just take a look at the answers page. You will help you to gain more points. This is Our Duty! We will help you to reach the highest global rankings.

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