Easy Game June 10 [ Daily Challenge Answers ]

We will go now straight to show you all the answers to Easy Game Daily Challenge June 10. In fact, our team did a great job to solve it and give all the stuff full of answers. This is what we are devoted to do : aiming to help players that stuck in a game.
This Handfull topic will give the data to boost you without problem to the next challenge. We already know that this game released for ios and is liked by many players but is in some steps hard to solve. You can read directly the answers of this level and skip to the next challenge.

Today, we have to solve these three Questions :

  • Get 10,000 followers.
  • Set the tent up.
  • Restore the supply of electricity.

And it is done !

Easy Game Daily Challenge June 10 Answers :

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Stage 1 : Get 10,000 followers.

  • This is too slow, maybe you can increase the number more directly?
  • Maybe you have a more popular account? Tap the profile picture.
  • Post 3 messages, 3 images, and 3 videos with your more popular account.

Stage 2 : Set the tent up.

  • Maybe they need to do it from the inside, but you need to hold the entrance up.
  • Hold the entrance up and move a person through it and put them below that corner, then hold the other corner up and put the other person below it.

Stage 3 : Restore the supply of electricity.

  • Tap a section of the circuit to rotate it. Change the circuit so that all the wires connect the energy source to all the light bulbs.
  • Possible solution

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