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Today, we have to solve these three Questions :

  • Complete the sequence.
  • Get the bear.
  • Play all the instruments simultaneously.

And it is done !

Easy Game Daily Challenge May 23 Answers :

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Stage 1 : Complete the sequence.

  • Each number after the first is equal to the previous number in the sequence multiplied by its position in the sequence.
  • Number = Previous Number x Previous Number’s Position 6= 2 x 3 24 = 6 x 4 ? = 24 x 5 = 120

Stage 2 : Get the bear.

  • Try cracking open the control panel.
  • Connect the big wire to the small ones.

Stage 3 : Play all the instruments simultaneously.

  • Try making all the instruments play by themselves.
  • The pipe will play if you turn it so that the wind blows into it.
  • Melt the icicle by holding your finger on it so that the drops beat the drum.
  • Play the maraca yourself. Shake it!

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