People Say Answers [ Full Game ]

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We come to help you today with the answers you are missing to progress through the game People Say. We have also good news regarding the game: Many extra words were discovered by our team ! We will share all of them and add new ones on a daily basis.

Within each level, you need to use the letters given on the screen to make words. These words can use all of the letters or just a few of them. To make a word, tap on a letter. Try to much words with the sentence to make sense – you might even discover some words you didn’t know before!

People Say Answers

People say Answers

Ps : Game can be downloaded here

People Say Today’s puzzle

Our website offers solutions for all daily puzzles of the word game “People Say” for the newest daily puzzle for 2023, including the puzzle for September 22. We ensure that our answers are updated daily to provide you with complete solutions, including any bonus words, to help you achieve the maximum number of stars in the daily challenge.

People say answers for all levels

The answers are sorted like the way the sequences of the game. So, here we are with all the puzzles:

We hope that our support pushed you to advanced levels.

If you’ve enjoyed the challenges and solutions we’ve provided here, you might be interested in exploring more. We have another post that delves into the fascinating world of words and how people say them differently.

Have Fun!