Save The Girl is a funny Puzzle game with simple design, each level is well-made. You have to save a lady that always gets into trouble.

All the puzzles are not very hard but sometimes we need help to pass to the next one.

Save The Girl walkthrough

The game is similar to the open the door concept, every level you need to choose the correct item that help you opening the door .

Level 1: Just tap the cissor to cut the rope.

Level 2: Use the pickaxe to break the door.

Save The Girl Level 2

Level 3: You have to fill the hole with cement bucket.

Save The Girl Level 3

Level 4: tap the box, the girl will wear it to hide his head .

Level 5:

  1. Use the armchair to block the door.
  2. Use the flashlight to light up the darkness.
  3. Tap the piece of meat, the dog will eat it.

Save The Girl Level 5

Level 6:

  1. Use the towel to go to the next room.
  2. Tap the flashlight again.
  3. Use the stairs to exit the room.

Level 7:

  1. Tap the tent.
  2. Use the trident to catch some fish to eat.
  3. Use the meat to send the shark away.

Level 8:

  1. Tap the club to get the girl some coconut.
  2. Give the man some candy.
  3. Make a fire.

Level 9:

  1. Play music to scare the bats.
  2. Use the moon to turn into a werewolf.
  3. Tap the zombie head to run away

Level 10:

  1. Tap the bean to get a plant that looks like a gun from Plants vs Zombies to pass the first stage.
  2. Use the water pistol to electrocute the zombies.
  3. Use the flammable liquid to get rid of the last zombie.

Download The game here : Play Store