Word Hike Answers and Guide

Hello Everyone, How are you holding up? Welcome to a new guide on our Editor’s pick word game Word Hike, the state-of-art in the trivia industry.
Though we are amazed by this masterpiece, we are still confused on where to classify this game: is it a Letter arrangements game? Is it a Crosswords game? Or maybe Word hike belongs to Word Search games? Does it look like the twist games? Actually, it combines and fits the four categories; and that’s what makes this game ahead of its time. This magical combo will drive you crazy and make you give up other word games.
As the name suggest, you will enjoy the chance to travel around the globe! With Over 12000+ available puzzles, it is going to be a great, funny recreation hike in the world, through the words.
Let’s edge forward to the gameplay! Word Hike is a themed puzzle games. You will be given a puzzle covering a specific theme and you must fill the puzzle’s rows (either vertically or horizontally) with answers. To unlock the word of every row, you must solve a clue provided by the game. In other words, you must figure out the clues’ twists to arrange the crossword-like puzzle in all Word-Hike levels.
Quite challenging, isn’t? The happy news is: whenever you find an answer, the game adds new letters to the rows you haven’t found you. This makes the game a little bit easier as after solving a few words, you will find almost the entire puzzle’s row filled.

However, finding the clues answers is a real struggle and backbreaking mission. They are nowhere to be easy. Don’t panic! We have been there too! Well, as always we are here to help you whether by providing you the needed Word Hike Answers or improving your skills through this guide (see down below). So let’s get started.

Here is what you will find in this topic :

Word Hike Answers

Word Hike Answers

The answers are sorted like the sequences of the game. So, here we are with all the Data :

Word Hike Guide, hints and support

How to play Word Hike?

Are you ready to take up the challenge from Work Hike? Let’s introduce to how-to-play tips the game.

  1. You will be given a puzzle. Your mission is to solve the horizontal rows following the clues
  2. The more you solve rows the more hints you have for the answers left
  3. The Vertical words are in purple. They have strong connection with the theme of the level
  4. Double click to select the vertical words
  5. Completing the vertical words will give you more hints to the rest of the level.
  6. IF the answer includes two words or more, the game will feature in the clue the number of letter for every word. Example: The answer is TIT FOR TAT. The game will show you this combination (3-3-3)
  7. Finish all the answers to complete the level
  8. You will visit a new city for every 8 levels. You will enjoy the walk around the world from America to Australia, From Europe to Africa.
  9. After completing 8 levels, you will earn a valuable reward

Word Hike Features + tips

Hard Answers

  • The game is really challenging.
  • The clues are tricky and have multiple and ambiguous answers which will leave you puzzled.
  • You need to solve as much rows as possible, the game will provide hints for the remaining letters of the words you didn’t solve. At the end of the day, you will find yourself in a favourable position: The last three rows will have only 1 letter left which is very easy to find.
  • Always remember to visit our pages we will help to find the needed answers.

Practial Boosters

  • Word Hike’s boosters are much better than in other games and more helpful
  • The developers of the word Hike are generous. you will be given a hint + noteworthy amount of coins daily
  • Hereafter the 4 type available types of boosters

Word Hike Boosters list

The features of the game

Innovative ones :

  • In every puzzle, there is a timer that counts the time you spend to solve the level. It pushes you to finish the puzzle faster and beat your records.
  • Word Hike calculates your brain power. The calculation is based on the time spent to solve the puzzle.
  • The less time you spend to finish the level, the more brain power points you earn.
  • The game asks your feedback about answer. In case you found the theme is too hard or boring or not clear or offensive.This type of interaction with users makes Word Hike with the best user-experience game


Overall, That’s it for the game. In our view, it safe to assert that Word Hike -with all its features and potential- is the future of word games and it will beat its competitors easily. It combines many categories of word games. In fact, it is matter of time that huge stream of players will start playing it. In case you find the game getting harder, do not hesitate to visit our word hike answers section.
We wish you a Happy Solving!