Today, I come to you with a new word search game made by fugo games called: Word Search Inspiration. This is a classic word search game made to be more entertaining and pleasant to play. There are multiple puzzles to solve for each landmark or destination. Once you’ve solved every level within one of these landmarks, Words of Wonders Search gives you an interesting fact about that monument. So, while you’re improving your vocabulary and spelling, you’ll also learn more about the city.

On each level, We have a set of words according to the theme. However, we must find the coordinates of the word in the grid and swipe our finger to form the word in a multidirectional way. We prepared a simple guide in addition to the solutions for each level.

By the way, some words are hidden and must be discovered to solve the level and jump to the next one.

As usual, our team did the heavy lift and solved all the levels in this game. All the words are geotargeted, which simplifies the way to find them on the grid.

Word Search Inspiration Answers :

Word Search Inspiration Answers

While letting you finish the game, we are going to discover new word games.