if You are trying to catch the 🦋 butterfly when solving the daily puzzle of August 6 in Wordscapes, we have prepared all the lists of the word.
The answers of Wordscapes August 6 daily puzzle are listed by number of letters, in order to allow you to capture the 🦋 butterfly and reach the third star to recieve the three stars available to build up your photo collection.
The tray contains 6 letters which are ‘ETERWT and the words to find by number of letters are as follows :

  • 3 Letters : 4 words .
  • 4 Letters : 2 words .
  • 5 Letters : 1 words .
  • 6 Letters : 1 words .
  • 7 Letters : No Words
If you place these 8 words in the crossword in the exact order drawn by the butterfly and find the bonus words, you will get the most of today’s challenge : 3 stars and 26 brilliance points.
Then, probably, you will get additional coins plus a new photo in your collection but this is depending on your overall progress. So, before diving into the word list, please look at the position of the 🦋 butterfly in the grid, look at the number of the letters and then look at the possible answers.

Bonus Words:

  • ERE
  • TWEE

Regular Answers:

3 Letters


4 Letters


5 Letters


6 Letters


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