How To Win More Coins in Wordscapes ?

Welcome to new Wordscapes guide ! The themed puzzle game with a lot going on to leave you hooked for hours. From tournaments to team ups and group recruitments, the fun never ends. It is the kind of good addiction your mum won’t tell you to stop playing it. This article will go through a comprehensive presentation of the game, its features, and some tips and tricks to get you started. Here’s your 101 Wordscapes guide.

What are Wordscapes coins ?

These are digital coins used in game and can be collected through levelling up. They are used for assistance when you’re stuck and cannot seem to figure the word. Click the lamp bulb found in the right corner. The coins will make one letter appear in the tile to give you a hint. This is especially good as the hints aren’t given completely. You will still need to find the remaining words. The fund isn’t ruined, and the thrill is still there. Keep in mind, 100 coins will be deducted if you use a hint. So our advice would be only if necessary or you’re super stuck, then rely on the coins. Additionally, avoid using the coins in the beginning, go a few levels more first then use them.

How to win coin hints ?

If you are looking for the old-fashioned way, then you can win hint coins by playing the game, put simply. Another method is to invest in coins with real money. You can explore the game menu and you’ll find good prices, special offers, and seasonal reductions.

Find More Bonus Words at every Level:

Each level, you have the main words you are hunting, then the bonus words hidden in the puzzle tiles. Imagine, if each level you win you discover about 5 to 10 bonus words! You’ll drown in coins. The trick though is to go for the bonus ones first and successively. Go to our answers page and search for the bonus words available to cheat your way to gaining come cash. Now be mindful that we are by no means encouraging cheating. However we also believe that “hints shouldn’t be paid for honestly.

Special Offers and Shops:

Like aforementioned, one of the easiest methods is to go to the special offers and shops to get coins. You’ll find a whole segment that will give you all the sales, promos, and best offers.

But if you are one of the free loaders just like us and want the free goods then we won’t disappoint you. Here’s what to do :

Earn Free coins:

In the top right corner, you’ll find the shop and that’s where you need to head. Click the arrow on the left corner. The box will open, and you have different options : Video +25, Offers, and survey. So you can watch a 30 sec ad to receive the bonus coins if cheating isn’t your thing. The second option will reveal the tasks you need to accomplish in order to earn additional coins. This can range from downloading a game, participating in a survey, or logging to the game with your Facebook account. Third, survey and they will give you multiple rewards as well. Make sure to check all three options.

Play Daily Wordscapes Puzzles:

Other fun ways you can receive additional Wordscapes coins are winning challenges. You can participate in the daily challenges and earn yourself a decent amount of digital cash. Each day, the amount doubles like the following:

Day 1 : +25

Day 2 : +50

Day 3 : +100

Day 4 : +500

If you manage to collect all d 4 days during the same month, the count will be reset, and the collection will be renewed. This is by far one of the best ways to get a huge number of coins and will be quite the challenge. So test your solving skills and put your brain to the test.

Solve Extra Words:

Some advanced levels will contain extra words that will give you coins if solved. You can locate them with the golden “c” icon in the tile. Each letter will reward you with 1 coin. so if you get a 5-letter word, you’ll earn 5 coins.

Sign into Facebook to get free coins:

We have already mentioned this tip up above, so this only serves as a reminder. You’ll get up to 200 free coins the first time you sign in and you’ll get to store your progress in the cloud as well.


There you go, a guide to Wordscapes coins and how to digitally get rich. Keep in mind that it is okay to get stuck and to cheat from time to time(bookmark our Website). But the easiest way is to buy coins. Again, you won’t need coins only in harder levels. So if you’re still level 30 we’d recommend saving your coins for later usage. However, there are no rules in playing Wordscapes. So feel free to be yourself and choose the way it best fits you.

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