Wordscapes how to join a team

Welcome to our new guide ” Wordscapes how to join a team”. In fact, Nothing is better than playing the weekend tournaments with your peers. Reaching level 50 gives you the chance to enjoy this new experience. From that level and on, you are allowed to join a team or even create one. Creating a team comes with a “chat” option. This enhances the chances to gain more coins as well as free hints.

You can start playing by tapping on the team shield icon at the middle bottom of the home page.

Wordscapes how to join a team

  • Search: In the “search” box, at the top of the screen, type the name of the team you want to join. Ps: Search for our team and enjoy a good rewarding adventure.

wordscapes how to join team

  • Team description:  Includes all the vital information about the team.
  • The numbers of the players: Should not exceed 50 players nor less than 1O in order to join the tournaments. The player’s number would be helpful to know how many players joined the team. You can check also our comprehensive guide on improving your tournament score
  • Team brilliance : Is the overall score of the team’s member
  • The Weekly helps:  Is the number of times a player has helped his teammate’s request. The maximum number of help is 10,500. After every weekend, the number is reset to 0.
  • Brilliance score: Is the minimum score required by each team in order to join them. It ranges between 0 and 50.000.
  •  An “Anyone” join type:  Is the type in which any player can join a team. Tap on the “join” button and you are in . The only condition is to have   the minimum brilliance score required by the team.
  • A “Request” join type: Is type in which a player has to send a request to join the team. Tap on the “request” button and wait until the team leader approves it. If he doesn’t accept it within 8 hours, it will be removed automatically.

How to Leave wordscapes teams

  • Team players:  Are ranked according to their brilliance score from the highest to the lowest one. You can find the score under the brilliance heading.
  • The number of helps: Is the number of helps that a player responded to in a week. A player can be “unhelpful” if the number of helps is 0. Or “very helpful and rarely asleep” In which the number of helps can reach 2,058.

 Creating a team in Wordscapes

  • In case a player doesn’t want to be part of an existing team, it is possible to create a new one.
  • At the middle bottom of the screen, tap on the team icon. In the box, type what you want to name your team, and then tap on “create.”
  • When you create a new team, you will automatically become the leader of that team. If you leave the, the next leader will be the oldest in the team list.
  • The team leader is the one in control of the team settings including the name, the description, the minimum brilliance score required to join, and the join type of the team. Besides accepting new players in a team if its type is a request team and also to “boot” them.

Wordscapes how to create a team

Switching teams

  • It is possible to switch teams during a tournament. However, the player cannot add any contribution to the score of the new team nor share the winnings with them as he will be considered as “not participating.”

Leaving a Wordscapes team

There’s two ways to leave a team:

  • At the top click on “my team.” Then with tapping on “info,” the “leave” button will appear. Tap on it and you’re out.
  • Or
  • Type the name of the new team you want to join, in the “my search” box. Click on “join” then agree on leaving the old one.

How to leave wordscapes team

We hope you enjoyed our guide “Wordscapes how to join a team”. Hence, We invite you to take a look at our guides and stay tuned for the upcoming tutorials. Please Provide us with your consturctive feedback.

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