Wordscapes Level 1826, Arrive 2 Answers

The Wordscapes level 1826 is a part of the set Hills and comes in position 2 of Arrive pack. Players who will solve it will recieve 17 brilliance additional points which help you imporve your rankings in leaderboard.
The tray contains 7 letters which are ‘RISMUAQ’, with those letters, you can place 5 words in the crossword. and 6 words that aren’t in the puzzle worth the equivalent of 6 coin(s).This level has no extra word.

Wordscapes level 1826 Arrive 2 Answers :

wordscapes level 1826 answer

Bonus Words:

  • MARS
  • RUMS
  • SARI
  • SURA

Regular Words:

  • AIMS
  • AIRS
  • ARMS
  • RAMS
  • RIMS


  • Arms : 1. Instruments or weapons of offense or defense. He lays down his arms, but not his wiles. Milton. Three horses and three goodly suits of arms. Tennyson. 2. The deeds or exploits of war; military service or science. “Arms and the man I sing.” Dryden. 3. (Law) Anything which a man takes in his hand in anger, to strike or assault another with; an aggressive weapon. Cowell. Blackstone. 4. (Her.) The ensigns armorial of a family, consisting of figures and colors borne in shields, banners, etc., as marks of dignity and distinction, and descending from father to son. 5. (Falconry) The legs of a hawk from the thigh to the foot. Halliwell. Bred to arms, educated to the profession of a soldier. — In arms, armed for war; in a state of hostility. — Small arms, portable firearms known as muskets, rifles, carbines, pistols, etc. — A stand of arms, a complete set for one soldier, as a musket, bayonet, cartridge box and belt; frequently, the musket and bayonet alone. — To arms! a summons to war or battle. — Under arms, armed and equipped and in readiness for battle, or for a military parade. Arm’s end, Arm’s length, Arm’s reach. See under Arm.
  • Marquis : A nobleman in England, France, and Germany, of a rank next below that of duke. Originally, the marquis was an officer whose duty was to guard the marches or frontiers of the kingdom. The office has ceased, and the name is now a mere title conferred by patent.
  • Squirm : To twist about briskly with contor

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