Wordscapes Level 5245, Solice 13 Answers

The Wordscapes level 5245 is a part of the set Wildwood and comes in position 13 of Solice pack. Players who will solve it will recieve 18 brilliance additional points which help you imporve your rankings in leaderboard.
The tray contains 6 letters which are ‘TIKNET’, with those letters, you can place 6 words in the crossword. and 1 words that aren’t in the puzzle worth the equivalent of 1 coin(s). This level has an extra word in horizontal position.

Wordscapes level 5245 Solice 13 Answers :

wordscapes level 5245 answer

Bonus Words:

  • TIKE

Regular Words:

  • KITE
  • KNIT
  • TENT
  • TINE
  • TINT


  • Kite : 1. (Zoöl.) Any raptorial bird of the subfamily Milvinæ, of which many species are known. They have long wings, adapted for soaring, and usually a forked tail. Note: The European species are Milvus ictinus and M. govinda; the sacred or Brahmany kite of India is Haliastur Indus; the American fork-tailed kite is the Nauclerus furcatus. 2. Fig. : One who is rapacious. Detested kite, thou liest. Shak. 3. A light frame of wood or other material covered with paper or cloth, for flying in the air at the end of a string. 4. (Naut.) A lofty sail, carried only when the wind is light. 5. (Geom.) A quadrilateral, one of whose diagonals is an axis of symmetry. Henrici. 6. Fictitious commercial paper used for raising money or to sustain credit, as a check which represents no deposit in bank, or a bill of exchange not sanctioned by sale of goods; an accommodation check or bill. [Cant] 7. (Zoöl.) The brill. [Prov. Eng. ] Flying kites. (Naut.) See under Flying. — Kite falcon (Zoöl.), an African falcon of the genus Avicida, having some resemblance to a kite.nnTo raise money by “kites;” as, kiting transactions. See Kite, 6. [Cant]nnThe belly. [Prov. Eng. & Scot.]
  • Kitten : A young cat.nnTo bring forth young, as a cat; to bring forth, as kittens. Shak. H. Spencer.
  • Knit : 1. To form into a knot, or into knots; to tie together, as cord; to fasten by tying. A great sheet knit at the four corners. Acts x. 11. When your head did but ache, I knit my handkercher about your brows. Shak. 2. To form, as a textile fabric, by the interlacing of yarn or thread in a series of connected loops, by means of needles, either by hand or by machinery; as, to knit stockings. 3. To join; to cause to grow together. Nature can not knit the bones while the parts are under a discharge. Wiseman. 4. To unite closely; to connect; to engage; as, hearts knit together in love. Thy merit hath my duty strongly knit. Shak. Come , knit hands, and beat the ground, In a light fantastic round. Milton. A link among the days, toknit The generations each to each. Tennyson. 5. To draw together; to contract into wrinkles. knits his brow and shows an angry eye. Shak.nn1. To form a fabric by interlacing yarn or thread; to weave by making knots or loops. 2. To be united closely; to grow together; as, broken bones will in time knit and become sound. To knit up, to wind up; to conclude; to come to a close. “It remaineth to knit up briefly with the nature and compass of the seas.” [Obs.] Holland.nnUnion knitting; texture. Shak.
  • Tent : A kind of wine of a deep red color, chiefly from Galicia or Malaga in Spain; — called also tent wine, and tinta.nn1. Attention; regard, care. [Obs. or Prov. Eng. & Scot.] Lydgate. 2. Intention; design. [Prov. Eng.] Halliwell.nnTo attend to; to heed; hence, to guard; to hinder. [Prov. Eng. & Scot.] Halliwell.nnTo probe or to search with a tent; to keep open with a tent; as, to tent a wound. Used also figuratively. I’ll tent him to the quick. Shak.nn(a) A roll of lint or linen, or a conical or cylindrical piece of sponge or other absorbent, used chiefly to dilate a natural canal, to keep open the orifice of a wound, or to absorb discharges. (b) A probe for searching a wound. The tent that searches To the bottom of the worst. Shak.nn1. A pavilion or portable lodge consisting of skins, canvas, or some strong cloth, stretched and sustained by poles, — used for sheltering persons from the weather, especially soldiers in camp. Within his tent, large as is a barn. Chaucer. 2. (Her.) The representation of a tent used as a bearing. Tent bed, a high-post bedstead curtained with a tentlike canopy. — Tent caterpillar (Zoöl.), any one of several species of gregarious caterpillars which construct on trees large silken webs into which they retreat when at rest. Some of the species are very destructive to fruit trees. The most common American species is the larva of a bombycid moth (Clisiocampa Americana). Called also lackery caterpillar, and webworm.nnTo lodge as a tent; to tabernacle. Shak. We ‘re tenting to-night on the old camp ground. W. Kittredge.
  • Tine : Trouble; distress; teen. [Obs.] “Cruel winter’s tine.” Spenser.nnTo kindle; to set on fire. [Obs.] See Tind. “To tine the cloven wood.” Dryden. Coals of contention and hot vegneance tind. Spenser.nnTo kindle; to rage; to smart. [Obs.] Ne was there slave, ne was there medicine That mote recure their wounds; so inly they did tine. Spenser.nnTo shut in, or inclose. [Prov. Eng.] Halliwell.nnA tooth, or spike, as of a fork; a prong, as of an antler.
  • Tint : A slight coloring. Specifically: — (a) A pale or faint tinge of any color. Or blend in beauteous tints the colored mass. Pope. Their vigor sickens, and their tints decline. Harte. (b) A color considered with reference to other very similar colors; as, red and blue are different colors, but two shades of scarlet are different tints. (c) (Engraving) A shaded effect produced by the juxtaposition of many fine parallel lines. Tint tool (Eng.), a species of graver used for cutting the parallel lines which produce tints in engraving.nnTo give a slight coloring to; to tinge.

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